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About the Kasi Mnotho Fund:

The Kasi Mnotho Fund stands as a testament to our commitment to empowering local businesses. Family Tree Holdings, in collaboration with the Gauteng Provincial Government, Gauteng Enterprise Propeller (GEP), Absa Group Limited, and the Industrial Development Corporation (IDC), have come together and rooted ourselves in the Township Economy Development Act, aiming to fortify township economies through strategic skills development, infrastructural support, and empowering business associations. At Family Tree Holdings, we’re not just offering financial aid; we’re nurturing a thriving entrepreneurial ecosystem in Gauteng’s vibrant townships.

At the core of our mission lies the Township Economy Partnership Fund (TEPF), a joint endeavor between GEP and IDC, honing in on the Kasi Mnotho Program. Family Tree Holdings’ comprehensive approach encompasses pre-investment skills training, rehabilitation programs, and ongoing post-investment support. The Kasi Mnotho Fund offers strategic loans, empowering businesses to secure trading stock, equipment, machinery, and working capital. This initiative is not merely about financial assistance; it’s about fostering entrepreneurship and propelling economic growth in Gauteng’s vibrant townships.

Application Details and Criteria:

General Qualifying Criteria for Kasi Mnotho Fund:

Age: Must be 18 years and above

Location: Must reside and conduct business within Gauteng Province

Business Location: The business must be based in a township

Financial Requirements: Business and personal bank accounts, trade references, and financial documents are mandatory.

Credit Checks: Applicants must meet specific credit score criteria.

Documentation: Various documents, including ID, proof of residence, bank statements, and business-related paperwork, are essential for the application process.

Stokvel Members:

Operational stokvel for at least 3 months

In good standing and registered with National Stokvel Association if collections exceed R100,000

Informal Traders:

Membership in an Informal Traders Association for at least 3 months

Association must be registered for more than a year

Other Applicants:

Business operation for more than 6 months

Trade references and legal documentation required

Support Beyond Funding:

At Family Tree Holdings, we understand that the journey to success is unique for every business. If your application doesn’t qualify initially, there’s no cause for concern. We offer a dedicated rehabilitation program, meticulously crafted to refine and enhance your business operations. Our team of experts is committed to working closely with you, guiding your business toward compliance and greater sustainability. We are not just providing loans; we are nurturing businesses for enduring success. With our support, your enterprise will thrive, ensuring a brighter and more prosperous future.

Contact Us:

For inquiries and application submissions, please contact our support team:

Call Center: 0800123475

WhatsApp Line: 083 413 7400

Email: kasi-mnotho@familytreeholdings.co.za

Website: https://www.kasi-mnotho-fund.com

Our Roadshow Plan:

Join the township economy conversation by following and engaging with us on social media:

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YouTube: https://youtube.com/@FamilyTreeHoldingsza?si=W3wuvIRRf_1EEd0o

Join us on our roadshow across various cities in Gauteng. Engage in our community-building initiatives and discover the opportunities presented by the Kasi Mnotho Fund. Our schedule will be regularly updated on our social media pages @familytreeholdings, covering the 5 corners of Gauteng:

City of Tshwane

City of Ekurhuleni

City of Johannesburg

City of Sedibeng

City of Westrand

We eagerly anticipate meeting you and collaboratively fostering economic prosperity.